I’m going crazy. I think the correct term is “stir crazy”. I am by no means a homebody. If you know me, I like to go until I’m exhausted each and every day. If I don’t, I feel like I am going to miss out on something in life. I’ve missed out on far too many things in the past, and I promised myself I won’t allow that to happen again….but here we are. Obviously I’m not technically missing out on anything, but it sure feels that way.

Since I know most of you are sitting at home trying to figure out how to work from home, homeschool, or just trying to figure out what to do with yourself….. I thought I would tell you some funny stories.

Luke (my middle child) had a rough first day of second grade, so when he came home on the first day of school he was saying how he didn’t like his teacher. On his second day of school he asked me to walk him in because he was still nervous.  I agreed, but that meant I had to get my youngest, Ladan, out of the car to go with.  Ladan is four, talks to everyone, and tells people the honest and blunt truth.  We walk Luke to his class, and as we start to walk away Ladan yells very loudly (in his cute little voice) “I forgot to give Luke a hug”! Luke’s teacher hears Ladan and says “Awww that’s so sweet”! She tells Luke to come back in the hallway, but he was busy hanging his backpack up. During those brief seconds while we were waiting on Luke, Ladan had managed to tell the teacher how much Luke didn’t like her and that she was the worst teacher in the entire world.  My face said it all. I reassured the teacher that Luke just had a rough day, and that she was a great teacher. Then I grabbed Ladan’s hand and practically ran out of the school. Let’s just say parent teacher conferences are always a little awkward now.

On to the next….

After a couple months of Jonathan and I dating he suggested we go to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a few days. We decided to stay in an Airbnb.  This was our first time spending more than just a few hours together, so we still were learning about each other.  I quickly learned that he loved to be outside. In fact, while we were at the Airbnb he kept going outside. I asked him why and he said he liked to pee outside sometimes. I laughed, brushed it off, and didn’t think much of it. That is until the middle of the night when he kept getting up to go outside. I found it odd, but it wasn’t until he forgot to shut the door completely that I realized why he kept getting up. I heard this loud sound coming from outside and I couldn’t help but laugh really loud, so loud he heard me and when he walked in he asked if I heard that. How could I miss it? From that day on he no longer goes outside that frequently, unfortunately that loud sounds comes often when he’s sitting right next to me.

And finally….

Last summer by best friend Allie and I went to Ireland. Half way through the trip we decided to do some laundry at the hotel. We couldn’t find the laundry facility, so we went to the front desk to ask where it was. The lady’s accent was so thick, but we both thought we heard the fourth floor, so we got in the elevator and went to the fourth floor. Meanwhile, Allie looks down at me and starts hysterically laughing. My dress was tucked into my panties the entire time. We also realized, after walking the entire fourth floor, the lady had really said the first floor. Let’s just say we laughed so hard we almost peed our pants. 

I have so many funny stories, but now it’s your turn. I encourage you to leave me a funny story in the comments below. Let’s make everyone laugh today. After all laughter is the best medicine.

2 thoughts on “#gonecrazy

  1. I have a funny story about blunt and honest little ones. Years ago I worked at an upscale casual restaurant. We had an extensive wine list and sold thousands of bottles.
    One evening a family of 4 came in for dinner. The children were about 4 and 10 years old, respectively. I present the wine list and the husband says, ” She is the wine aficionado.” She selects a nice Pinot Noir. I open the bottle and pour a small amount in her glass to sample. Immediately the younger child blurts out “HEY! MOMMY DRINKS A LOT MORE THAN THAT! I just smiled and said I bet she does. I bet she does.

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