Live from the Great Food Truck Race

I just lived my dream. Well almost. Okay not really at all. But is was fun. A girl can dream right?

Living in Yuma, Arizona has definitely been the most difficult place for me to learn to love and make my home. There are just some places that no matter how hard you try, you just don’t like. Although, yesterday was one of my favorite days ever living in this town.

It was hot, but it almost always seems hot here. There were clouds; which are very rare. The sky was beautiful, and it was the perfect day to spend outside….minus the heat. There was an Art Show on Mainstreet, Shakespeare performers, but best of all “The Great Food Truck Race” from the Food Network came to YUMA. I think food trucks are one of the best inventions ever.  I’m rarely disappointed by the food, I love how unique each truck is, and the people in the food truck are always nice because they are passionate about what they are doing.

I started my adventure off like a kid in a candy store….if you don’t know me that well I’m a kid at heart. I get way too excited over simple things, laugh at myself, and can’t help but dance whenever I hear music, so I was walking down Main Street with a big smile on my face.

Anyway, I started at the “Mobile Moo Shu” food truck because I honestly thought they were going to be serving ramen, and after living in Japan for three years, I am always craving a good ramen. As I scanned over their menu, there wasn’t any ramen to be found, but orange chicken was the next best thing I could find.  I wasn’t expecting it, but a camera lady came up to me and wanted to interview me as I tasted the orange chicken. Let’s just pause right there. I’ve always secretly wanted to be a broadcast journalist. It’s not uncommon to find me pretending to report “live” from wherever I am. My boys think it’s just hilarious, and they probably are the only ones that think this….

Back to my story, the camera lady put her camera up on her shoulder, and it was like all those moments of me reporting “live” flashed through my mind, and the fact that I should of washed my hair today, put on a cuter dress, and goodness I wish it wasn’t so hot outside so I wasn’t glistening. The very short interview was just okay. I wasn’t prepared to eat and try to talk at the same time all while describing the way too tangy orange chicken I just ordered. (It definitely wasn’t Panda Express). I did what I believe just about anyone in my situation would do. I lied. I said how amazing the orange chicken was, but in reality it was just the opposite of that. I threw the rest of it away, and made my way down to the next food truck.

Chop’s Shop caught my eye next because I love Mexican food. The line to this food truck was the longest, and I waited in line for what seemed like forever when one of the cooks came out of the truck and said they were shutting down for awhile to prepare more food.   While I waited and waited some more, Tyler Florence, the host of the show, walked by. I jumped at my chance to get a picture with him. He was very friendly, and allowed a lot of people to take pictures with him.

Finally “Chop Shop” opened back up and I ordered the Cowboy Quesadilla because it came with guacamole, and I can’t ever pass that up. Just as I was walking away, a camera man walked up and asked to interview me. Take two. Here was my chance to report “live” from the front of the “Chop Shop” food truck, and this time I was honest. The quesadilla was really good, but no it wasn’t worth the very long wait. I was able to talk and then take a bite and then describe how good the quesadilla was. I smiled. I laughed. It was so much fun. Hopefully I make the cut to the actual show. If not, I’m pretty sure the clip they took of my boys eating ice-cream will because how can a person pass up such cuteness?

Next time I will dress cuter, wash my hair, and hope that it’s not so hot. Until next time. Brittany out.

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