Lash Extensions

The older I get the more I feel extremely out of touch with fashion. It’s like once you have kids POOF all knowledge of fashion goes out the window. As a mother, you are more worried about functionality as opposed to the latest trend. I know I’m always thinking what is easiest to carry a young child in so I don’t get too hot. It can’t be anything too low-cut. I can’t wear that necklace or those earrings because someone is going to pull on them. I shouldn’t wear those shoes because I’ll probably fall on my face.

I’ve also noticed, the older I get the more interested I have become about make-up. Probably because I’m always trying to hide those dark circles under my eyes that never seem to go away, the wrinkles that just started appearing, and my cheeks that ALWAYS need some blush just to make me look like I’m still alive.

With all that being said, I think I’ve found my solution to help hide all those insecurities that I seem to have now that I’m older. Eyelash extensions. They are amazing. I get so many comments on my eyelashes and my eyes now. If you are wondering what it all entails, it is honestly not much. Plus you are guaranteed some much needed relaxing time every 3-4 weeks when you get them filled.

The first appointment is the longest. It takes about two hours to get a full set. It may seem a little unsettling at first because the technician is going to actually tape your bottom lashes down, and you have to keep your eyes closed the entire time so that no glue gets in your eyes. If you have a good technician, she will only talk to you for a little while and the rest of the time you can catch a quick nap.

A fake eyelash is actually attached to each of your own eyelashes, so the fake ones will fall out naturally with the growth cycle of each lash; therefore after your initial visit it is recommended to go back every 3-4 weeks to get them filled. After each visit, you cannot get the lashes wet for 24 hours, so if you plan on showering, do it before, or just wear a pair of goggles in the shower 🙂 After the 24 hours, try to keep all oil-based products off of your lashes. After putting make-up on, sometimes excess make-up will get on your lashes. Simply take a clean mascara wand and some baby shampoo and clean off your lashes. If you’re not careful, some technicians will try to sell you extra products to keep your lashes clean. You do not need these extra products.

There are all different types of lashes that can be applied, so make sure to do your research on both the technician and the style of lashes you are looking for. I know this probably seems intimidating and a lot of work, but it is actually not. I absolutely love my lashes, and my nap times that I get with every fill!

The picture on the left shows how my lashes look before a fill. This was after 4 weeks. The picture on the right shows right after a fill.

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