Luker-san, giggle in the middle, monkey, LUKE ALAN.

Luke is my middle child, and he suffers from every form of “middle child syndrome” that there is.  I am often told by friends that he is their “spirit animal”, the “funny one”, the “daredevil”. That’s because for some reason Luke doesn’t feel the need to follow rules as long as he is making someone laugh. He is the only one out of all three boys that has the ability to make me laugh while I am discipling him. The way to his heart is through all things sugar filled, and the only way to truly discipline him is to take his dessert away. He  has a wild imagination and also says some of the FUNNIEST things I have ever heard a child say, so I thought I would share some “Luker-isms”:

*Luke telling me about his Lego airplane: I’m right here and I’m the cold pilot. Levi is right here and he is the warm pilot, and mom you’re right here in the back.

*Singing: Give me oil in my lamb keep it burning. Give me oil in my lamb I pray….

*Saying his Bible verse: If your brother sins, go and show him your privates… Me: No Luke it’s If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private….

*Mom you know why I don’t write my girlfriends name on anything? In case this house catches on fire and the bad guys come and try and take my notebook. They won’t know who my girlfriend is.

*Mom guess what’s in my pocket?! A snail! I secretly put it in my pocket before the teacher saw me.

I’m sure over time I will be adding to this list 🙂

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